School Workshops

AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching offer workshops at local schools across South Shields, Sunderland, Newcastle and in the surrounding areas of the North East. Workshops are available for all ages and abilities. Music and performance based workshops are widely proven to benefit the core subjects in the national curriculum, however with recent reduced funding for the performing arts in schools and pressure to meet national targets, it can leave very little time and funding left to designate to the arts.

Our friendly and encouraging workshops are an ideal fun activity that allow students to gain vocal, music and performance skills. Workshops will allow students to explore:

  • Confidence building
  • Teamwork
  • Performance skills
  • Vocal technique
  • Song and movement
  • Basic musical terminology
  • Songwriting skills
  • Improvisation skills
  • Musical interaction games
  • Group singing
  • Harmony
  • Vocal health

Please see below to find out more information about the skills we teach by appropriate age.

We create workshops that coincide with Key Stage learning areas. Workshops advocate a ‘can do’ attitude and bring a sense of solidarity between students.

Teachers are DBS approved and have a chaperone licence. Get in touch to find out more on our contact page.

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