AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching

Song and Dance

Singing lessons can elevate your child’s performance in song and dance, setting them apart from the rest. With improved vocal technique and breath control, they can seamlessly blend singing and dancing, creating a standout performance. A skilled vocal coach can also assist in selecting the perfect song, enhancing both their voice and dance routine.

Vocal Sections 

At some dance competitions, there’s a section for vocal performances. While it might seem intimidating, it’s actually a great chance to showcase new skills. In today’s performance world, being skilled in dance, singing, and acting is highly valued. Taking singing lessons helps students excel in these areas by providing guidance on song selection and stage presence.

Emotion and Expression Through Dance

Singing lessons are invaluable for helping dancers grasp the emotional depth of music. Expressing emotion is crucial in dance routines like tap, modern, ballet, and jazz, where captivating the judges’ attention is key. Through singing lessons, dancers learn to act through song, convey emotion through facial expressions, embody characters, and interpret lyrics, enhancing their overall performance quality.

Troupe and Group Pieces

In group performances, solo singing opportunities often arise, especially in troupe pieces. Singing lessons can significantly boost your confidence and increase your chances of securing these solo parts. With improved vocal skills, you become a valuable asset to your dance troupe, allowing your teacher to feature you more prominently throughout the piece, showcasing your abilities in singing, acting, and dancing.

Start Your Child's Vocal Training Today!

In conclusion, singing lessons offer a myriad of benefits for children already engaged in dance classes. From enhancing performance skills and standing out in competitions to preparing for vocal sections and gaining confidence for solo opportunities, the advantages are clear. By combining singing with dance, children can become well-rounded performers, mastering the art of expression through both movement and voice. Whether it’s adding emotion to their routines or excelling as triple threat performers, singing lessons provide the tools for children to shine on stage and reach their full potential in the world of performing arts. AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching delivers high quality singing lessons to children and teenagers who have a love and passion for performing arts. Offering the opportunity to take part in shows/performances, LCM singing exams and performing arts competitions.


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