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Selecting Strong Singing Repertoire: One of the first steps in preparing for your singing audition is selecting the right repertoire. Choose songs that showcase your vocal range, acting ability, and most importantly YOU as a performer. Avoid overdone songs and consider the context of the audition—opt for pieces that align with the style and tone of the school (you can do a little bit a research on this by looking at their social media accounts). Be mindful of accent or dialect changes and ensure your selections are diverse and contrasting. Remember to include at least one pre-1960 musical theatre piece and a pop/rock song in your repertoire.

Preparing Sheet Music: When organising your sheet music, ensure it is neatly taped and in the correct key. Many schools prefer sheet music to be taped rather than placed in a folder and the music should never be stapled!. Avoid clicking the tempo to the pianist—simply sing the first bar or so quietly to establish the tempo. If you’re asked to perform a cut, mark the sections clearly using a pencil and brackets to indicate the cuts.

Acting Through Song: In addition to vocal technique, remember that acting through song is crucial in a drama school audition. The panel isn’t just looking for technical perfection—they want to see how you interpret a character and convey emotion through your performance. Focus on storytelling and connecting with the lyrics to bring the song to life authentically.

Preparation in Advance: To feel more confident and prepared for your audition, it is crucial to take singing lessons to improve your vocal technique, breathing skills, and acting through song. Working with a vocal coach can help refine your performance and alleviate nerves on the big day. While dance is not encouraged during your songs, incorporating body language and gesture can enhance your performance and captivate the panel.

Audition Attire: When it comes to audition attire, opt for something smart and comfortable that allows you to move freely. Avoid wearing costumes or anything overly flashy—instead, choose an outfit that reflects your personal style and professionalism. Keep makeup and hair natural and neat, and consider adding a subtle accessory like a coloured hairband to make a memorable impression.

Preparing for a drama school singing audition requires careful planning and attention to detail. By selecting strong repertoire, organising your sheet music, focusing on acting through song and preparing in advance, you can present your best self and leave a lasting impression on the audition panel. Remember to stay confident, authentic, and true to yourself throughout the process. Good luck!

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AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching offers high quality singing lessons and performance training to young performers based in South Shields. If you need assistance preparing for your drama school audition, get in touch to book your first lesson! Sheet music, cuts, backing tracks and guidance outside of set lesson time is all included in your lesson fee. You will have an online student portal with full access to a wealth of learning material, sheet music and backing tracks.

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