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During the past few months my students have been working extremely hard to prepare for their LCM Musical Theatre exams. The students originally began preparing for their exams before we went into lockdown, but unfortunately we had to move all our lessons online due to covid-19. Even though the students have had major obstacles to overcome such as not having face to face lessons and dealing with how awful Zoom can be they all put in a lot of work to make sure they got the best results they possibly could get.

The students attended their exam with bags of confidence and determination to do their best. I am extremally proud of every single one of them for how their performed during the day of the exam.

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Student Exam Results

I have recently received the results back for the exam and I am so proud of every single one of them as their results were terrific. All of my students apart from one achieved distinction and one student received a high merit which is an excellent outcome. All of the students cannot wait to take part in the next exam and hope to improve on their current results. Students achieved marks up to 98%. One of our students Scarlet, was the youngest person to get a distinction in an LCM grade 3 musical theatre exam. I am so happy for all of the students and can’t wait for the next set of exams!

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