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AFD Summer Showcase “Encore!” at The Little Theatre in Gateshead on September 10th, 2023.

It’s that time again! The AFD Summer Showcase is fast approaching and rehearsals are now in full swing! Every student at AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching is offered the chance to perform solo in the showcase meaning that the spotlight is totally on them! Students also take part in big ensemble numbers meaning they have to perfect skills such as harmony, blending and group performance. After last year’s success, we are back again at The Little Theatre in Gateshead and the students cannot wait!

What Do The Students Gain From Performing Live On-Stage?

Performing live on-stage offers the students at AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching an invaluable opportunity to gain authentic industry experience, which nurtures their growth as confident performers. Stepping onto the stage in front of an audience allows them to develop essential skills in conquering stage fright and nerves, as they learn to channel their emotions into captivating performances. Moreover, they gain hands-on experience in managing their own microphones, props, and costumes, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. Working together as a team during rehearsals and performance encourages them to collaborate, communicate, and support one another, cultivating a strong sense of camaraderie. Through this process, the AFD students not only discover the joy of performing but also develop essential life skills that will benefit them far beyond their musical journey. The AFD showcases becomes a platform for them to shine, building a sense of achievement and instilling in them the courage to embrace future opportunities with confidence and enthusiasm.

Celebrating Young Performers: Showcasing Progress at AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching.

At AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching, showcase events offer the perfect opportunity for friends and family to witness the brilliant progress made by the young performers during lessons. With excitement and pride, AFD presents opportunities that showcase their newfound confidence, refined vocal techniques, and artistic growth.  The showcases celebrate the magic of music and the dedication of talented students, leaving everyone inspired by the transformative power of singing and performance.

How Do I Purchase Tickets?

Tickets are now on sale and you can purchase them by clicking here.


Empower Your Child's Voice with AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching

Is your child passionate about singing and dreams of taking the stage? AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching offers tailored singing lessons for all young performers age 3+.  AFD will help your child develop their vocal abilities, build confidence, and refine their performance skills. AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching offers wonderful opportunities for students to discover their voice, gain stage experience, and participate in events like our Summer Showcase, “Encore.” Don’t miss the chance to unlock their musical potential and set them on a path towards a bright future in the performing arts.

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