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  1. Age-Appropriate Selections: One of the fundamental considerations when choosing a song for a vocal competition is ensuring that it is age-appropriate. The lyrics and themes should be relatable to the performer, allowing them to connect with the material. This connection not only enhances the quality of the performance but also creates a more authentic and engaging experience for the judges.
  2. Avoiding Overdone Songs: While classic songs have their place, the true magic happens when performers pick a lesser-known treasure. Steer clear of the overdone and explore songs that may not be on everyone’s radar. This not only makes your performance more memorable but also allows for a fresh interpretation that can set you apart from the competition.
  3. Pop Perfection: In the pop category, the key is to strike a balance between familiarity and uniqueness. Opt for songs that showcase the performer’s vocal range and stylistic versatility while avoiding the overly mainstream tracks that everyone has heard a thousand times. Remember to make the song your own. The judges want to hear your version. Look for hidden gems within an artist’s discography or explore indie and emerging artists for something unusual.
  4. Musical Theatre Magic: For the musical theatre category, the emphasis should be on storytelling through song. Choose pieces that allow for emotional depth and character portrayal. Lesser-known musicals often offer hidden gems that can evoke powerful emotions and showcase the performer’s acting skills. Remember, it’s not just about hitting the right notes but about conveying a compelling narrative through your voice and physicality.
  5. Importance of Vocal Technique: Regardless of what material you decide on, make sure to use good vocal technique such as; breath support, phrasing, avoiding strain, using different vocal registers and qualities. The judges want to see how well you can deliver the song whilst using proper technique.
  6. Seek the Guidance of a Vocal Coach: To further refine your song selection and enhance your vocal performance, consider seeking the assistance of a vocal coach. A professional vocal coach or singing teacher can provide valuable insights, help improve your technique, and offer personalised guidance.
  7. Read the Rules: Before finalising your song choice, carefully read the rules of the competition. Are there any time limits for performances? Can you use a microphone? Is movement allowed? Understanding these guidelines ensures that your performance not only showcases your talents but also aligns with the competition’s expectations, giving you the best chance to shine.
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AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching provides one-to-one singing lessons for young performers ages 3+. All lessons are tailor made for each student. Students at AFD have the opportunity to take LCM singing exams, perform in bi-annual showcases and are provided with  high quality vocal training. If you have a child that loves to perform and has a passion for singing, book your first lesson now to start their performing arts journey today!

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