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SOVT stands for “semi-occluded vocal tract,” which refers to exercises that partially block or narrow the vocal tract while singing. These exercises are designed to help singers develop better vocal control, breath support, and resonance.

Here are some of the key reasons why SOVT exercises are important for young performers learning to sing:

  1. They improve breath support

Breath support is a crucial aspect of singing, as it enables singers to sustain notes and phrases without straining their vocal cords. SOVT exercises can help children develop a more efficient breath support system. By partially blocking the vocal tract, they encourage singers to use their diaphragmatic breathing correctly and other supporting muscles to control their breath.

  1. They improve vocal control

SOVT exercises can also help children develop better vocal control. By narrowing the vocal tract, they help to focus and refine the singer’s tone, making it more precise and controlled. This can be particularly useful for children who are still developing their singing technique and are working to eliminate any vocal inconsistencies.

  1. They promote healthy singing technique

One of the most important benefits of SOVT exercises is that they promote healthy singing technique. By encouraging singers to use their breath support and control their tone, they can help prevent strain and damage to the vocal cords. This is particularly important for children, as their vocal cords are still developing and may be more vulnerable to damage.

  1. They can be fun and engaging

SOVT exercises are often seen as more playful and engaging than traditional vocal warm-ups. This can make them a great way to get children excited about singing and help them build a positive association with vocal training. By incorporating SOVT exercises into your child’s vocal routine, you can help them develop their singing skills while keeping things fun and engaging.

Some examples of SOVT exercises that children can try include lip trills, humming, fricatives, sirens and straw phonation. These exercises can be easily incorporated into your child’s singing routine and can be done at home or during singing lessons. All AFD students are supplied with plenty of SOVT exercises during lessons and are given tasks to do at home in order to improve their technique.

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In conclusion, SOVT exercises are an important part of any singer’s training, including children. By helping to develop better breath support, vocal control, and healthy singing technique, they can set children up for success as they continue to develop their singing skills. As a parent, you can support your child’s singing journey by encouraging them to try out SOVT exercises and incorporating them into their singing routine.

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