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On Saturday 6th August, the AFD students performed at The Little Theatre in Gateshead and they all were fantastic! Not only were their performances brilliant but they also conducted themselves really professionally backstage. They all had to be in charge of their own radio mics, hair and makeup and quick costume changes. On the day the students had a tech run where they all practiced on the stage. During this, we made sure all of the lights and sound were working and the students could get used to organising themselves. We were all very impressed with the professionalism and dedication from them to make the show run as smoothly as possible.

After the tech run was finished, the students had a small gap before the audience came into the theatre. After their break everyone got in position and the show commenced at 7:30 (right on time!). All of the students had a solo in the first act with a few group songs and a solo in the second act with a group song finale.

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It’s tricky trying to put together a show with students who are very young to older teenagers because the material has to be suitable yet engaging for everyone. I tried to make sure that the running order had lots of variation so that the audience didn’t get too bored. I also made sure to put pieces that link into each other nicely next to each other for continuity and so that the show had some sort flow, As the students have one to one lessons instead of big group lessons, I had to organise intensive rehearsals for everyone to get together so that I could add some sort of production around some of of the solos and also block the group pieces. I taught the harmonies on a one to one basis and then hoped that they would pull it together nicely in the intensive rehearsals and for the most part they did. The students and I worked really hard in the days leading up to the show.

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