AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching

I believe that every student should have the chance to perform solo!

The AFD students blew me away with their wonderful performances on Sunday 10th September. Each student had the opportunity to perform at least one solo piece alongside taking part in multiple group numbers. Every student who attends singing lessons at AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching has the chance to steal the limelight during the showcases!

Hard work, dedication and commitment.

Each and every student who took part in the showcase worked incredibly hard during their one to one lessons and group rehearsals to ensure that they were ready for show day. From learning lyrics to applying performance technique, the AFD students worked their socks off during lessons. Not only did they have to focus on their solo pieces but also on working as an ensemble. Working together as a collective is just as important as performing solo and the AFD students certainly pulled together to support each other during rehearsals and on show day.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

A huge well done to all the AFD students who took part, you were all phenomenal:

Anya Brookes

Catherine Ma

Charlotte Baird

Constance Choi

Eddie Warnock

Emma XiYue Ma

Georgia Lowther

Jessica Yiting Deng

Layla McPherson

Kate Gowan

Olivia Rose Sexton

Poppy Harvey

A massive thank you to everyone who came to support the talented students of AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching. Your ongoing support means the world to myself and the kids. Also, a very big thank you to The Little Theatre in Gateshead for providing us with such a beautiful performance space!

What’s next for the AFD kids?

The students are now working very hard towards their singing exams. This exam season I have students taking grades from Step 1 all the way through to Grade 8. AFD has a 100% pass rate with the vast majority of students gaining high distinctions.

Once again, well done to everyone for their brilliant performances. You are all stars!





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AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching provides one-to-one singing lessons for young performers ages 3+. All lessons are tailor made for each student. Students at AFD have the opportunity to take LCM singing exams, perform in bi-annual showcases and are provided with  high quality vocal training. If you have a child that loves to perform and has a passion for singing, book your first lesson now to start their performing arts journey today!

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