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4 Top Tips for Beginner Singers

If you're new to singing, you probably have a list of questions about how to get started. What are the best warm up exercises? What should I sing for my...
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Newcastle Singing Exams

How to Help your Child with Their Singing Lessons

Help your child warm up at home Your child’s vocal coach will do lots work with the student during their lessons, but it is important that you encourage your child...
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Want to Take Vocal Lessons? Here’s What To Consider

You've decided to take vocal lessons! This is the actually the first step in becoming a better vocalist and performer so congratulations! Before you can launch into your first set...
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How to find the right vocal coach for your child

Every parent wants the best for their child, and that motivation carries over to any extracurricular activities they take part in. It doesn't matter if your child is joining a...
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