Group Singing Lessons

Group singing lessons usually take place with 2 to 6 students per session. Students will be able to learn vocal technique and performance skills in a pressure free setting. Group singing lessons are a great way to learn some technique and have fun with friends at the same time. It is recommended that students taking group lessons book a one hour session weekly.

Prices are available upon request. You can do so by heading over to our contact page.

I don’t have anyone to do a group lesson with me. Can you find people for me?

We can do our best to find other students who would be interested. We recommend that you come along to a 1-2-1 free taster lesson so that we can discuss your needs and get to know your voice!

Can my group be of varying ages?

Of course! Groups with a broad age range are more than welcome! Many families enjoy taking group lessons with their children. There is no minimum or maximum age limit for group lessons.

We are a mixed ability group. How will this work?

We will assess everyone’s abilities and create a plan to make sure each student benefits from the lessons. We will look at getting everybody up to speed whilst pushing the more experienced students to challenge themselves.

Do we only learn group songs or can we work on our solo singing?

In group lessons you will work on both. Group lessons are a great way to learn harmony and vocal blending. However, it is important for each student to grasp basic technique and progress individually as a performer. You will learn group and solo songs.

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