1-2-1 Singing Lessons

Students have 1-2-1 singing lessons weekly. Having regular 1-2-1 lessons helps develop vocal ability at a rapid pace. In order to ensure this, regular slots can be booked in advance. It is recommended that our younger students take a half hour singing lesson each week.

In your free half hour assessment 1-2-1 singing lesson we will assess your needs as a student. From this we will create a coaching plan for how future singing lessons will be taught. We have worked with students with a range of abilities, from advanced singers to complete beginners.

Please see below to find out more about singing lessons by appropriate age category.


Below you can find a table of prices for our 1-2-1 singing lessons. You can also make a block booking at a discounted rate. Get in touch to find out more on our contact page.

30 minutes£12
1 Hour£20
I’m really shy, how will a private singing lesson help me?

Private singing lessons are very rewarding! Not only will students learn singing technique and performance skills, lessons will build confidence which is paramount for all walks of life. We will work on vocal projection, clarity, tonality and diction which are imperative skills for public speaking.

What style of songs will I be learning?

Anything you like! We encourage students to have a go at all styles and genres of music. This way, students can find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Typically, students enjoy learning styles such as; Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, RnB and Jazz.

Do you teach complete beginners?

Yes, all teachers are fully trained in teaching students who have never had lessons before. Whether you are just used to singing in the shower or performing on stage singing lessons are suitable for all.

English isn’t my first language. How will this work?

Singing is universal. Language barriers usually are not a problem. As long as you have a passion for music that is all that matters!

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