AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching encourage students of all abilities to take part in as many singing and performance events across the North East as they can. Taking part in events such as; open mics, singing competitions, performance opportunities, castings/auditions, examinations etc. Our teachers actively search for events for students to take part in and many students enjoy working towards performance events in their 1-2-1 and group singing lessons. We also welcome further suggestions from students, whether it be a small open mic or a big casting/audition.

Do I have to take part in events?

Not at all! Lessons are tailored to each individual student. Come along to a free 1-2-1 taster session and one of our teachers can discuss your needs. Book your free taster lesson now.

I am really nervous about singing in public. Can I take part in events that are more relaxed and fun based?

Of course. Open mics are a perfect opportunity for shy and anxious performers to build their confidence. Most open mic events are in a relaxed setting where you will sing 2/3 songs alongside many other people who love singing just like you! Open mics are a fun way to express your love for singing while spending time with family and friends as they watch you perform.

I have an audition coming up which I need to prepare for. Can you help?

Yes. Our teachers have lots of experience in audition preparation. Teachers will discuss with you exactly what your requirements are. Whether it’s a small local audition or a big production casting AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching can meet your needs.

Do I have to take part in events on my own or can I perform with a friend?

You do not have to perform on your own. Students are more that welcome to take part in events with friends! Performance opportunities are a great way to have fun with friends whilst learning valuable skills such as; team work, timing, harmony, dynamic etc.

Do I have to pay to take part in events?

Open mics are usually a free event. Some competitions may have a small fee which are usually under £20. It all depends on the type of event. As a rule, competitions usually have a small application fee and open mics are free. If you decide to do gigs, you may even make a bit of cash.

I have found an audition I’d like to attend but they are asking for a fee. Is this normal?

No. You should never pay to attend an audition unless it is for a competition. We would advise to stay clear of auditions asking for a fee as it could be a scam. A legitimate casting/audition would never ask for a fee.

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