AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching

I believe that the most important skill you need to become a fantastic vocalist is determination. Becoming a great singer is not something that just happens overnight, you need to work for it! Of course, some people are born with more of a musical flair but no one is born being able belt an E5 with impeccable technique and with amazing stage presence, becoming a phenomenal performer requires determination. It takes motivation, strength, drive and most importantly it takes a lot of passion and love! If you have a love for singing, you have already taken your first step in your vocal journey. It doesn’t matter whether you have performed professionally or have never even heard of the word vibrato, if you have the ‘want’ to become an exceptional vocalist, voice lessons will undoubtedly unlock your potential. I am not just talking about adults, I am actually focussing this at the kids!


Finding the right vocal coach is crucial

Every vocal coach or singing teacher will have their own way and methods of coaching and finding the right coach for you is really important and building a rapport between student and coach is so crucial to a performer’s vocal journey. This is why I offer an assessment lesson. It gives the student a chance to see if I am the right fit for them! In the past, I have coached students from the ages of 3 up to 76 and I whole heartedly believe that it is never too late to begin your vocal journey however at the moment, I only offer lessons to young performers. This is due to current demand and it means that I can really focus on nurturing the young performers in our local area and lead them in the right footsteps to fulfil a successful career in the performing arts. Growing up as a young performer in the North East myself, I fully understand how difficult it can be finding the right training without travelling to London. I endeavour to make vocal training accessible to young performers from all walks of life and from any background.

In all honesty, crafting your vocal and performance skills is not an easy road. There will be many hurdles to face and giving up is never an option if you really want to do this but if you have the love and continue to show up, put in the effort and let your inhibitions go, there really is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals.

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