AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching

AFD Vocal & Performance Coaching

Professional vocal coaching for young performers in Newcastle Upon Tyne offering authentic industry training. I encourage students to engage in LCM singing exams, local theatre productions and West End auditions. I take pride in coaching young performers who have a passion for performance and who are dedicated and motivated in developing their voice and performance skills.

Singing Lessons

I offer 30 minute and 1 hour private one to one sessions in my dedicated teaching space at my home in South Shields. I truly believe that anyone can learn to sing as long as they have a desire to become a better vocalist and have the ‘get up and go’ to put in some hard work! For more information, please see appropriate age category on the singing lessons page.

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Personal, professional, authentic industry training

Singing lessons are ran from my home in South Shields, Newcastle in a dedicated teaching space. Teaching from home allows for more flexibility around lesson times and enables me to solely focus on delivering the highest level of vocal coaching. The main focus of my coaching is to ensure that all students receive top quality vocal training and are provided with the skills they need to enter the performing arts industry. Students are encouraged to take part in the AFD showcases which take place twice a year.

My Ethos

Singing Exams

Students enjoy working towards London College of Music (LCM) Music Theatre and Popular Music Vocals singing exams throughout the academic year. My students have a fantastic pass rate with students achieving as high as 98 marks.

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Our Students Results



My students have an excellent distinction rate with several students achieving over 95 marks.



Achieving a merit is a great achievement! Now, we just need to figure out how to bump you up to a distinction for next time.



I aim for all of my students to at least get a merit in their exams however, gaining a pass is still an achievement to be proud of! We now need to make sure that we work together to get a better mark next time.



I take pride in never having a student fail an exam and I am planning on keeping it that way. If you’re interested in your child taking a singing exam, you’re in safe hands with AFD. I would never enter a student for an exam that they are not prepared for.

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